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 Historical rp from Lakewood

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PostSubject: Historical rp from Lakewood   Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:59 am

The mists rolled in off of the lake, blanketing the town in an errie fog of greenish color. Many shuttered thier windows and doors, all kept thier children indoors. From the abandoned tower which all knew formerly belonged to the dead necromancer whom had reigned horror upon the town several years prior had lights lit with in. Errie green lights, which seemed to illuminate the darkness with thicker shadows rather than real light. None dared approach the place, as rumors had finally developed that the place was cursed and haunted.
None had really gotten close enough to check however, the foreboding thick and dark trees surrounding the tower where usually enough to scare off even the most curious. Now though, on this mist filled night, with a moonless sky, music seemed to echo out unto the land coming forth from the tower. Piano music, and its tone was dreary and damp, only seeming to add to the heavy wettness of the air. It was not cold, if anything it was very warm out this eve. There didn't even seem to be any stars out this night, simply utter blackness.
Who was playing and why. . . those who actually braved the streets this night would see a young girl slip from the poor section of town and head out, out towards the dark foreboding woods, through the overgrown path and towards the abandoned keep which was now lit. Moving, as if something called to her. Her hair was raven black, her eyes held a shimmer of gold, and her skin as white as snow, though her lips were red and sensiously tempting. . . .

The girl traversed through the nearly empty streets, her movements ever graceful with each step. The heaviness in the air was thick with the fog of summer and spring and a damn erriness which seemed remaniscent of a winter come entirely too early. Mist still rolled off the near by lake and blanketed the town. Quiet whispers could be heard indoors, though the windows of nearly every home were shuttered. Still, the haunting music drifted upon the breeze of the foggy night. Sounding out, calling, to those who were bound to the darkness.
The girl slipped through the woods surrounding the dark tower and then through the wall gate which led to the small meado that surrounded the dark obelisk which rose up twisting from the ground as if some withered hand of something which had long passed from a time long forgotten. Her figure paused, catching only once in the moon light then, illuminating her curves and seductive features. There was something entirely too chilling about her fair and pale complection, something dangerously tempting.
The pause ended and she continued on, moving towards the doors which led into the dark tower, they were open, welcoming in an odd sort of way. The green light echoed against the blackened stone walls as if pulling those near by to it by some unseeable force. 'Come into me', so the tower seemed to say with no voice of its own.
Her figure vanished with in, the dark green lights causing her form to fade away in the shadows with in the entrance way. The figure of a man could now be seen above, on the highest point of the tower out on a balcony. His eyes scanned the meadow and woods below. They were comming now, he could feel it. For he had called out to them in thier misery, their cursed forms which he had wrought upon them, the marks he had made upon them, and now he called out to them.
His hand streached forth for just a brief moment and the spidery language of magic left his lips. The flash came first, bright swirling red leaping from his finger tips and streatching out across the skies as if reaching for the moon to envelope it in his gnarled grasp. The figure stood, power leaping from his finger tips, his shadowy robes black and seemingly chared by fires too hot to imagine. The darkness hiding his features from sight. Though his hand seemed aged, gnarled, and withering as if something dead.
The green moon which always looked down upon the land slowly turned red, taking on a fearsome smirking look as it stared down upon those out in the land. A large red eye now looking down, as if spying down on all the land. Then the words flittererd through the minds and ears of those whom the ancient necromancer knew; "I know you are there. . . I can see you. . .you know that I am calling out to you. . .so come. . .hear me and come!"
His voice echoed out, hissy and rasping, enough to place a chill down any man or womans spine. Even if just for a brief instant. . .

In his weaving in and out of the trees he caught the scent of perfume reaching out he dug his claws (shifted forms) into the tree trunk as he looked about for it's source. Flowing from tree to tree as he neared the ground upon reaching the cool ground he looked towards the tower feeling it's pull still. Shifting forms once more he took off on all fours running hard towards the tower after he realized the soft breeze was coming from it's direction inhaling deeply the soft perfume in the air.

"What are you doing..." he pondered as he seen the siloute (sp) of a woman in the doorway of the tower. Digging claws in he leaped high giving himself time to shift before continuing on foot towards her at a run.

Jumping slightly as the voice went through his head again he almost stumbled but, caught himself on one of the walls many stones. Looking about he felt the hairs on his neck stand, taking a deep breath before he continued to the door and looked about for her..."What are you doing here..." he mumbled slightly audible to someone near.

The slender girl looked at Ravin and smiled with her ruby lips amidst pale skin, small sharp fangs just barely visible from under that smile. One finger went to her lips quietly as she responded," Shhh. . .. "
Her figure continued to move in through the door way, down the darkly lit corridors and up a flight of stairs. Not a sound could be heard from her movements, for they were as silent as the shadows which seemed to echo movements off the moss covered walls. There was a bone chilling effect in the atmosphere with in the tower, an odd unnatural cold which seemed to seep through even the warmest clothing.
Small flittering noises of bats seemed to fill the air with the further anyone would climb up the stairs, then the girl paused at a large wooden door. The surface of such held odd mystical carvings which radiated with dark magical energies which seemed to almost offer a warning to keep out. There the girl stopped and turned, standing to one side of the door, whispering out a more chilling responce, "The master waits. . .if you would enter. . ."

Raising a brow as he noticed the pointy teeth he slowly put his hands together stretching his knuckles. Chuckled softly to himself at being shushed, he now looked her over as she moved through the doorway. Slightly licked his lips to wet them but, realized his mouth had gone dry from the running.
He slowly followed her from a short distance just enough to hopefully give enough time to react if she decided to turn on him. Only taking his eyes off her once the they neared other doors and hallways for others. He remembered this place bringing back some good...and the bad but, at least they were memories that were his.
When they reached the door a cold chill ran through his spine as the words left her mouth "The master waits...if you would enter" he stared at her wondering who she had meant.
He approached the door placing a hand ready to (push or pull) the door open. Looking once more at her and asked "Who is master??"

The pale girls smiled once more with her ruby lips and gestured towards the door. Her voice was still a soft whisper as she spoke once again," The master. . .you know who the master is if you have come, for we are all bound to him in some way. . . I by blood. . .you by curse. . .others by other things. . .we all share something with the master and now he calls to us. He has been waiting for so long now. . .and now he is ready. . .push and enter."

Her slender hand gestured towards the door in a singular graceful motion and the symbols upon it flared up brightly for a moment before fading down to a dull glowing blue, the feeling of dark magics seeming to have left the door and the hall brightened and seemed less gloomy. The walls looked polished and well tended, and the torch light from the wall bracket near by shoan a normal warming light illuminating the door way and the stairs chasing away the shadows.
An odd feeling as if being woken from a dream might pass over Ravin at that point, though only he could say. And the realisation that most of the dark and dank sights and feelings upon entering might be nothing more than a complex illusion.

slightly tilting his head he turned back to the door leaving the one still on the door ready to push open as he reached to the saber on his back with the other gripping it tightly. He pushed the door slowly as he looked about for traps around it's edge then entered looked around the door. "Who has summoned me" looking about for his apprentice but, not finding her. Breathing heavily he waited for whom ever had summoned him as the hair stood on his neck once more. His free hand lifted to the amulet around his neck and rubbed it between his fingers "Cal why have you returned and summoned me here??" as he casted his gaze to the floor now knowing who it was.

Feeling him in the room but, unable to see him he knew he was being watched. "You always have had delicous treats to keep you company haven't you?" as he looked towards the still open door at the pale figured...woman that was still there. taking a deep breath he turned towards the window and stared out it into the night as he waited...

A soft raspy chuckle filled the air of the room and the door slowly closed behind Ravin, though the light only seemed to brighten from the torches. A slight breeze waifted through the air of the room filling it with the scents of sandlewood and cloves.
"Yes, I have returned here Ravin. . . Dark knight that you are, never far from my sight or thoughts in many endeavors. . .and yes I have summoned you here as well as others whom you will see in time. . .perhaps," Calous's voice echoed through the room, though more calm and reserved than it had ever been before.
The air chilled for a brief moment and then symbols upon the floor glowed a bright blue before erupting in a shimmering field of light and slight warmth. With in the circular shields confines stood the necromancer, his eyes staring out with thier emrald hues at Ravin, searching him quietly.
"What do you plan to d o with that?" He gestured to the sword which Ravin was clutching so feverishly,"You do know that the mundane weapons of men have little effect on me. . .especially now. . .but then there is so much you have missed out on as far as my progression now isn't there. . .But that is not why I have summoned you and others, no. . ."
He hissed a chuckling laughter which filled the air once more before falling silient for a mooment, the field waivered, as did the image of the necromancer,"But I must be quick, for my t ime in this real is always limited as I reach out from where I truely am. . .yes, the gods have given me a tasking, as it has become my burden to be a messanger now. . .after my journeys and the choices I made. . .it is my burden. . . There is a darkness comming to this land, for the lord of the dead and the lord of chaos are now at odds. . .It seems that Preeg, he who rules over the dead has abducted the lord of chaos's daughter and stolen her away, and thus Janarah, the lord of chaos and the fury of nature has vowed to destroy everything in his path until she is found and returned to him. . .Thus I give up my warning, the animals and very elements shall begin to go awry until she is found and returned to him. . .so I ask you to search for her and gather those whom you would to assist you. . .before the world is plunged into a war of chaotic darkness. . ."
His image waivered once more and he chuckled again gesturing to a chest against his far wall,"My servant posesses the keys. . .she will be able to give you my instructions or warnings in the future. . ."
His voice faded, not finishing the sentence as did his image and the field around it, leaving the room empty and slightly colder, and odd sensation of disapated energy filling the air. The door opened once more and the pale girl stood, staring in at Ravin with a slight smile.

smirking slightly he looked to Cal "This..." as he tugged it loose "This is just in case you had some unwanted surprises waiting for me in here."

"With you it's always something" he thought to himself. Making mental notes of the names given he noticed the daughters was not. Shuttering slightly he hadn't realized the cold had begun to seep into his bones. Tilting his head slightly he turned to the girl "So I'm told you and I are going to become great friends" As he looked her over once again he bit his lower lip sharply which brought him out of his daze.

"Damn Cal you always knew how to pull my strings" he whispered more to himself then to anyone else. "I was told you have the key to this?" as he lifted his hand pointing to the chest.

Thoughts began to run through his mind trying to figure out what Cal's benefit was from this problem. Remembering Cal never did anything unless he profited from it.

"So...What is your name...or do I just call you wench like the other street rats that seem to flood the city as of late?"

He waited for her response more so for the chest then of her name..but, his heart could never be that mean to something so delightful to the eyes.

The girl moved deftly across the room and leaned down pulling a key from a small silver chain which sat below her shirt against her breasts. Turning for a brief moment she smiled back at him and spoke, her voice musical and unnatural all at the same time," Jade. . .most call me Jade. . ."
A satisfying snick came from the chest as she turned the key in the lock and then stood straight again moving back slowly.
"You have known the master long I would assume. . . thus I will do what I can to aid you with out getting in the way," Her emrald colored eyes blinked delicatly as she stared at him, awaiting him to open the chest.
"I had thought that others were comming as well. . .it is strange. . .but then the master said that only what was needed would appear for each person and nothing more. . . I have everything that I need and require already. . ."

Taking a deep breath, rolling his shoulders he knelt to reach the chest latch and readied to open it. "I haven't seen any others on my way here so I might be alone on this...what ever he has planned for..." looks to her "Us?" he slowly lifted the lid as he still looked to her. As it reached it's halfway mark he turned to look at what was inside. Mumbling as always to himself "What are you up to now Cal...what can I do alone with this girl..."

taking a deep breath he looked deeper into the chest.
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Historical rp from Lakewood
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