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 Lakewood Information

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PostSubject: Lakewood Information   Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:54 am

Lakewood Information

Some links are finished some are not please be patient


7002 AA (After Alinear)

Current year 7004 AA


Lady Jessica Wolfsbane

Capital Population

Dun Lorien 4,076

Realm Map

Continent Map, World Map, Dun Lorien City

Realm Colours

Royal Blue and Silver


Democratic Monarchy. Councillors oversee individual towns and report, vote and discuss realm/town issues once a month with the Sovreignty at the Royal Council held in Ailin'taure Palace in Dun Lorien.

Military and Law Enforcement

Knights: These are the Elite Guards of Lakewood. They are responsible for the protection of the Sovreignty and Palace. There are two classes of Knight, The Knights of Ailin'taure and the Shadow Knights.

The Ailin'taure Knights are the visible force of Ailin'taure Palace and the realm, you will always recognise an Ailin'taure Knight by his Royal Blue and Silver Doublet and cloak. The Shadow Knights are the unseen force... if you think the shadows are moving... you could be right.. it could be the eyes of a Shadow Knight ready to stop injustice in its tracks.

Guards: These highly skilled guards are grouped into units and assigned to various towns and cities to patrol. Like their Knight Commanders there are two classes of Guard... The Royal Guard and the Shadow Guard. They report directly to the Knight assigned to lead their Unit

The Royal Army: This consists of various units of honourable men and women such as Archers, Swordsmen, Foot Soldiers, Battle Magi, Combat Medics, Scouts, Border Patrol, Necromancers and Intel




Lake basin, mountainous surroundings, lush soils.


PP = Platinum Piece (10 x gp)

GP = Gold Piece (10x sp)

SP = Silver Piece

Gems and Precious Stones can be exchanged and valued at the Dun Lorien Currency Exchange


Allies and Enemies

Allies: TFC Dragonhome Sinns of the Flesh

The Secret Strand Kingdom of Rohan Moonstone Mannor


Towns And Cities

Elven Established Towns: Dun Lorien (Capital), Maylilen,

Hobbit/Halfling Established Towns: Bridge-End

Dwarven Established Towns: Kurthus

Human Established Towns: Freehaven, St Davids

Azarad (City of Outcasts)

Flora And Fauna

Flowers Herbs Trees Plants

Birds Animals Insects Domestic Animals

Customs And Rituals

Marriage Ceremonies Burial Ceremonies Birth Ceremonies

Holidays Rites of Passage Seasonal Festivals

Myths, Legends andProphecies

Legend of the Gate The Golden Dragon The Noname Graveyard

History And Folklore

Tel Pularin History Lakewood History

History of People

Doctrines Dogma’s and Ideologies

Places of Interest

Lake Krystal Whispering Woods Krystal Falls
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Lakewood Information
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