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 The Arian Race

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PostSubject: The Arian Race   Sat May 31, 2008 10:00 am

This is a tiny bit of information on the arians just so that people can gain some small bit of info. This is a dm approved race that can be applied for should it appeal to you. This race is for the more rp area of things this like any other special race that is released is not for the use of pvp mongering.

Arians are the worlds for most healers. When they are born it is so natural to them to heal others that they delovope the power naturally how to heal people with just a simple touch. As they go along these powers grow into powers that will allow them to even pull someone back from deaths hold.

The arians have a down fall. They are extremely frail. Their bone are weak like birds bones and just as hollow. It is not uncommon that an arian will have many broken bones in their life time. Most breaks are healed by the fact that their body quickly regenerates its damage so they are able to take most damage with out much ill effect do this regeneration. For with out this regeneration they would surely die and parish.

The Arians follow the goddess Airia. They believe it was through her divine grace that they were able to over come their ancestors prior flaws. They follow the goddesses peaceful doctrain such to a point that they rarely ever consider violence as an answer and will normally only use it as a last resort. Yet there are always small exceptions to this rule specially when dealing with an arian that has been out of the society for some time.

Crimes of Arians are not punishible by death, but exile. To an arian this is worse than death. For to the society you are dead a furneral is held for you during your exile cerimony all items and possessions of the exiled and burned scattered to the waters of mount Ricori as all the other dead are dealt with. THe arians cerimony mares the skin of the arian making them as one forever outsted from their society as a sign to all arians on sight that this one is dead to them while not dead physically.
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The Arian Race
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