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 Xerben Race

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PostSubject: Xerben Race   Sat May 31, 2008 2:20 pm

This thread is to give you a bit of information for use as reference. This is a playable race but is rp based and only by dm approval.

The Xerbens are the darker half of the Arian race. They are normally born with dark hair and dark eyes (usually a dark red or other dark hue up to and including black), with redish tinged skin. Some times there are Xerbens born with white hair, these are normally only those of the few noble families and almost always ones who wield arcane magical powers.

The Xerben follow the god Kelorous and the Goddess Jade. Through this view they have taking on a thought process of selective breeding. Those children who are born seeming weak or malformed are killed at birth in ritual sacrifice so that the couple my be blessed with another child whom will be strong as the gods intended their race. When the child reaches the age of 6 for boys and 7 for girl they are tested for strength those not passing this test often die. The final test comes with the child reaches age. The child is often sent on a quest or hunt for which all their skills will be needed to survive. Those not passing often die though those that survive and do not pass this test often become peasants and servants to the more proper houses and royal families. It is this form of selection that has bred into the Xerben great strength, not just of physical strength but of magical strength as well.

All Xerben are taught from the time they can walk how to wield a blade. And when they are old enough armor and shield as well. Magical power that is thought long since gone from the world comes to the Xerben as easily as breathing. Many harmful magics are bred into the Xerbens and manifest themselves as a child grows up. The sooner those seem to show the better a child's breeding is thought to be.

Xerben are a sister race to the Arian. It would be more fair to compare them to being twins seeing as the two are both off shoots of the same gen pool that took different forms of evolution along the way and parted for a difference of thoughts. Xerbens view many other races as weaker races and keeping their main city away from wandering eyes so the basic foolish human is unable to find their home. This view of the weaker races also leads to the mind set of taking on slaves from the weaker races, humans and Arians being among the favorites for the xerben feel they are protecting them by putting them under their care and in payment for that care their servitude is required.
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Xerben Race
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