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 Future Joint Events

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PostSubject: Future Joint Events   Mon May 19, 2008 7:51 am

Some of you may have been witness to a joint effort event made by myself, [DM] Jakey, and [DM] Kai. This is just another notice (other than the shout given on the night of our last event) that we will be holding many events together in the future, hopefully drawing in more characters and maybe creating sub plots to the server for your enjoyment.

Id also like to make it noted that during said event we were given much assitance by our latest member of the DM team, DM Undeath, who deserves much thanks for his assitance to me and Kai during our last event. Should you see him I would hope that you would be leanient and patient with our latest edition to the team, although I doubt you will have to be, as he is quite competent with the DM interface and features of the items we use.

Either myself or Kai (when he registers) will post up scheduled dates to any events we may have planned, however most will more than likely spawn on a whim. Idea

Id also like to make it clear that both of us are very interactive when it comes to events. The scenery isnt just there to make things look preety... If there are corpses, you can inspect them to reveal clues or even items. If your path is impeeded by a slow flowing river, you can swim through it. We welcome the use of your surroundings with open arms and hope you take advantage of this.

P.S. Feeling clean yet Dawn? lol!
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Future Joint Events
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