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White Wolf: Dark Aeon is a world of fantasy and horror and intrigue. We strive to enhance your gaming experiance with rich history, mystery, horror, and versatility.
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 On the subject of new dms, admin, and so forth

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PostSubject: On the subject of new dms, admin, and so forth   Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:03 am

After last nights interesting attempt at adding a new dm, with out full staff approval, it has been decided that any new admin, dms, or people who wish to build on the mod or help with it must submit an application for approval.
Consider it as a sort of resume.
We expect to see what you would do, how you would help, prior experiance in the area you are applying for, so on and so forth.
This topic is not up for debate.
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On the subject of new dms, admin, and so forth
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