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White Wolf: Dark Aeon is a world of fantasy and horror and intrigue. We strive to enhance your gaming experiance with rich history, mystery, horror, and versatility.
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 Ladies and Gentlemen.. Boys and Girls!

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PostSubject: Ladies and Gentlemen.. Boys and Girls!   Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:12 pm

*you are wandering out in the cold streets, when suddenly, everything becomes still as night. The air itself seems to become hard to take into and breathe. The day seems to turn to dark, and a dreary fog rolls in. Laughter can be heard seeming to come from every direction. Just then, you hear a rustle of armor. you turn to look and a shadow begins to creep towards you. Whence the shadow gets close enough, you realize it is a person. The shadow creeps closer, and the rustling of armor gets louder. Just then, the shadow stops. A sudden movement from the shadow is seen and the motion of a sword being drawn is noticed. As the sword is pulled, sounds of wardrums and screaming women and children and the wails of men can be heard.
An eerie glow seems to come off the blade. The shadow once again begins towards you. Laughter can be heard once again. The being steps out of the shadow and you notice the magnificant Black and Purple Armor that he has on. The being before you is truely a sight to behold* *"heh heh heh...it has been a long time since i have slain someone." "i wonder if my skills have rusted over? hmm.. lets find out." "Now that i have returned...i will make it so everyone will realize the power of me. Everyone that hears the name Lazerus will run in FEAR!"* *Just then, the man turned and began to walk away, as he did, the darkness seemed to fade away aswell.* *"I am going to spare you for now, no need to waste my effort... But mark my words.. one day everyone will kneel before me!"* *The laugher sounds again, and slowly fades away*

Hey Everyone Razz
Im Going to return to whitewolf Smile
i grow rather bored of missing it so im going to come back and hopefully there are actually people that play. (unlike the other attempts to bring this server back to life)

For those of you who already know me..
How ya all doin?

For those who dont...
Nicee to meet ya Razz

Look forward to playin with everyone Very Happy
...and so is Lazerus Very Happy haha

"We are all pawns in a neverending game called life, and earth is our gameboard so dont get a game over xD
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PostSubject: Re: Ladies and Gentlemen.. Boys and Girls!   Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:37 am

Quote :

i guess this means i gotta pay you back >.>

Well, wlecome back Razz
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Ladies and Gentlemen.. Boys and Girls!
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